Vero for BFO

Dynamic modern and stylish jewelry for those who like colors and simple design

“I believe that jewelry, particularly unique contemporary designer jewelry, brings out and highlights the personality of the people who wear it. Just like the spaces in our immediate surroundings in which we spend our days. This is why I only make a few pieces for each collection, and this is exactly why I like the process of making jewelry so much: starting from the thought fragment through making and creating up until the point where each piece finds its owner.” (Veró Lázár)

In 2021, the young Hungarian designer had a vision and created the collection inspired by the logo of the Festival Orchestra. This collection is available in the cheerful colors of the BFO dots, but also in a black and white version. The colorful walls of Müpa Budapest are a good match for the colorful line, while if you are visiting the Liszt Academy, we recommend the monochrome pieces.