Fanni Király for BFO

“I like to experiment with different materials. I am always in search of extreme sizes, unusual solutions. I am inspired by nature. As a jewelry designer I am interested in how the items I create and the people who wear them interact. I like to watch the changes in the behavior of the person who holds and tries my jewelry on. Is this person happy or surprised? Does he or she hide behind the piece, or use it to show something of himself or herself which he or she could not display before because he or she had no tool to do so. Will this person lose his or her timidity and become confident? The jewelry becomes a tool of self-expression. It was a great pleasure to design jewelry for the Budapest Festival Orchestra. I have chosen a shape that has recently been in the center of my attention. The tiny colored dots in the BFO logo inspired the necklaces made from polished colorful gemstones in a cone-shaped setting. These necklaces are so comfortable that even the female members of the orchestra can wear them without any discomfort during their all night long concerts.”

(Fanni Király)

Fanni Király, the internationally known, award-winning designer was also inspired by the colorful BFO logo in creating her special collection. Her silver pieces with semi-precious gems in a simple design are the perfect accessories that go well with jeans, costumes and evening dresses alike either at a dress rehearsal, a concert or a ball. Every piece in this jewelry collection is unique depending on the color and texture of the semi-precious stone used.